Hello all, and welcome to my new blog, The Literary Elephant. Do you like new book recommendations based on titles you’ve already read? Do you wonder whether that new book you’ve been eyeing at the library is worth your time? Do you want to step outside of your literary comfort zone? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’m excited to use this site both to give and take requests, and I have a few ideas already for some lists I’d like to create, a long list of books I’ll endeavor to peruse, and high hopes that this will be a fun and interactive experience. Please please please feel free to provide me with feedback!

I plan to post mainly book reviews and recommendations, but I would greatly appreciate any questions, comments or suggestions you may have for me in moving forward. My initial goal is to post something new at least once each week, an update on what I’ve been reading and my impressions, for a six-month trial period. At that point I’ll decide whether to continue, upgrade and make changes, or break from this project for a while. But why worry about ending a good thing that’s barely even started? It’s time to dive in.

A little about myself: I am currently located in northern Iowa, where I pretend that the snow outside my window is a mirage and hope for the summer sun to return sooner rather than later. In addition to books, I love puzzles, painting, cats with strange names, and dark chocolate. I read some of everything, but lately I’ve been enjoying mysterious thrillers, magical realism, and realistic fiction. I’m always looking for something that will surprise me, unique and unexpected. I hope that’s what you’ll find here.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for my first review, which will be coming up tomorrow!


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